Welcome to Iron Workers No.732 

Ironworkers local No.732 has a new attitude. As never before in history, we are opening our door to recruit and welcome new members through active organizing. To bring union work, wages and benefits to ironworkers requires all of us, union and non-union to know our rights and be willing to take action to exercise them. Only then will we be able to win power for all construction workers, our families and communities. The union handbook describes the advantages of being union, spells out good wages, benefits and training opportunities that building trades members have struggled to achieve. When you contact trained organizers at the Ironworkers, we will work with you and your co-workers to unionize your employer so that you can become union members. We will help you learn about your rights to overtime pay and safer job sites. We can help expose unscrupulous contractors who exploit or cheat workers and their customers. We believe that the construction work in Idaho should work for all of us. Together we can build a secure future for all construction workers that includes good wages, benefits and working conditions.

The iron working industry is very strenuous and most tedious.  Are you interested in becoming an iron worker?  To learn more visit our Training Center page.

To learn more about the benefits that Iron Workers Local No. 732 has please visit our Benefits Office for more information.

Need to know when the Union Meetings are or the Montana Informational Meeting is plus other important meetings? Visit our Membership News.

Would you like to reach out to us and speak to one of our Members?  Or do you have a job you think we would like?  Please go to our Contact Us page.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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