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Jim Wonnacott -- Business Manager  (208) 232-4873
Brian Rigby -- President/Apprenticeship Coordinator (406) 498-8877
Les Pearson -- Organizer/Assistant Coordinator (208) 244-8415 

Ironworkers local #732 has a new attitude. As never before in history, we are opening our door to recruit and welcome new members through active organizing. To bring union work, wages, and benefits to ironworkers requires all of us, union, and non-union to know our rights and be willing to take action to exercise them. Only then will we be able to win power for all construction workers, our families, and communities. The union handbook describes the advantages of being union, spells out good wages, benefits, and training opportunities that building trades members have struggled to achieve. When you contact trained organizers at the Ironworkers, we will work with you and your co-workers to unionize your employer so that you can become union members. We will help you learn about your rights to overtime pay and safer job sites. We can help expose unscrupulous contractors who exploit or cheat workers and their customers. We believe that the construction work in Idaho and Montana should work for all of us. Together we can build a secure future for all construction workers that includes good wages, benefits, and working conditions.

What Is A Union?
A union is an organization of workers joined together for a common purpose, for mutual aid and protection, to engage in concerted activity and collective bargaining, to elevate their conditions of life and labor. It is an organization by which ordinary people do extraordinary things. The owner can do whatever he wants when there is no union. And that means anything. He can cut pay, he can fire you. There are no limits, because, one on one is a match for the BOSS. It is very hard to win an argument with somebody who has the power to fire you. Workers found out a long time ago that they did not have strength as individuals, but if they worked together as a group, they did have strength. And that is what a union is: an organization of everybody who works for the same employer (or group of employers), using their collective strength to stop the owners from doing what the workers do not want, such as firing employee's without cause, not providing retirement or insurance benefits for employee's ENTIRE family. Make the owner do what the workers do want, like paying decent wages, providing health care benefits, and treating workers fairly.