Training Center

The iron working industry is very strenuous and most tedious. An Ironworker must be alert at all times in order to perform the duties of connecting, welding, installing decking, in addition to climbing, lifting, sitting, standing, bending and pulling of the steel in the erection of buildings and spanning of bridges.

An Ironworker is a stalwart individual with a great deal of upper body strength for twisting, turning, and awkward postures of the back. Blueprint and drafting reading are a part of the training to become an Ironworker and safety is a plus in training and working side by side with co-workers and other Craftsmen.

Iron work is performed inside and outside in most weather conditions.

For welding Certification and Recertification needs in please contact our Apprenticeship & Training Coordinator Brian Rigby (406) 498-8877 or Assist. Coordinator & CWI Les Pearson (208) 244-8415

The Idaho & Montana Training Centers will be available on an as-need basis throughout the year.

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